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What do you do when your passenger vehicle, like a small SUV or Mini van is used for towing. That extra weight can cause stability issues. We believe we have found the answer to your concerns.


Coil SumoSpring

Coil SumoSprings fit both front and rear coils spring suspensions.  They simply slide between the turns of coil springs.  They will enhance your front suspension when fitting a snow plow, winch or replacement bumper and your rear suspension when adding a tow hitch.  Additionally they reduce side-to-side body roll and front end dip caused by sharp cornering or sudden braking.

Coil SumoSprings are produced from closed cell microcellular urethane utilizing closed cell technology.  This materials progressive spring rate creates a cushion effect providing smooth engagement and a comfortable ride.

The shapes, sizes and density of the proprietary foam material are modified to suit different load bearing and sway controlling applications.  A typical Coil SumoSprings installation is completed in less than 30 minutes and requires no adjustment or modification to any original equipment leaving all factory warranty’s intact.

All SumoSprings are easy to install and are completely maintenance free.



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