J.K. SALES Sales and Marketing  is our forté. Our customer base is spread out across all of Canada. We call on Mass Merchants, Original Equipment Manufacturers, National and Regional distributors, buying groups and multi location jobber accounts. We call on Automotive, R.V. and Truck Equipment Houses. 

Key Benefits

Established account base… Over a twenty years of automotive / house wares / home & leisure  industry sales experience. We have developed very good relationships with our long term customers and welcome the opportunity to service new accounts. Introducing a new product is a simple task since getting through the door is never a problem.
In field training… We take the hands on approach. If we sell it we must understand how our customers use the product. Therefore we must install the products ourselves to truly understand the product to train our customer in the field.
New Product Introductions… Using our extensive database and online Marketing Tools we are able to deliver new product information to our customer base as well as our regular follow. We use email marketing programs, youtube videos and as always direct contact. We dedicate many hours to develop new product introduction and updates to our followers.
Business Development… We can assist our principals develop a overall business plan for the Canadian Market. Our extensive experience, product and market knowledge will help us create a road map to your success. 
Trade Shows… We assist our clients at their in house and external trade shows. This gives us the opportunity to meet our customer’s customer directly.
Small and dedicated… We are a small company by choice. We are very selective on the accounts that we represent. This allows us to detail the customer base properly. When we take on a new line, we are very dedicated to making that program successful.
Fixed Cost of sales… We provide you with full market coverage for a low cost. As an independent contractor, taxes, pension, travel / vehicle costs are our expense not yours!  

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