All New ARIES LED Lights

All New ARIES LED Lights

Some Throw Around the Word “Quality” but ARIES Really Means It.
When ARIES decided to add LED lights to our product line, they sought out quality pieces that would accent the unique LED-compatible products, such as the AdvantEDGE™ bull bar and Pro Series™ grille guard.

ARIES new LED light bars and work lights feature grade-A Cree LED chips, IP68 and IP69K-rated waterproof construction, a 50K-hour lifespan and a pedigree of thorough testing and certifications.

ARIES has introduced six all-new SKUs of lights.

2″ square work lights #1501252

2″ flush-mount work lights #1501250

10″ single-row light bar #1501260

20″ single-row light bar #1501262

30″ single-row light bar #1501264

50″ double-row light bar #1501278




What is IP69K?

The IP69K rating provides protection against ingress of dust and high temperature, high pressure water – making products with this certification ideal for use in conditions where equipment must be carefully sanitized.

In industries such as food processing, where hygiene and cleanliness is paramount, equipment must be able to withstand rigorous high pressure, high temperature wash-down procedures.

In many industries, where dust and dirt can be an issue, it is important to ensure that dust cannot penetrate the casing of a product and cause it to fail.

The IP69K rating is the highest protection available.

What are the advantages of IP69K?

In environments that require heavy washdown, such as in the food processing industry, the combination of water, chemicals, high pressures and temperatures can prove fatal for electronic circuits and instrumentation.

The IP69K rating offers complete assurance that the piece of equipment that has undergone that tests is both durable and resistant and conforms to the highest protection rating on the scale.


How does a product achieve the IP69K rating?

Products bearing the IP69K rating undergo a challenging set of tests to ensure that they offer protection against penetration of high pressure, high temperature water and dust.


How is the water intrusion test performed?

The water intrusion tests themselves are done by placing the product on a turntable with a rotational speed of 5 ±1 revolutions per minute. The product is then sprayed at close range at a rate of approximately 4 gallons/16 liters per minute with water pressure of between 1160-1450 psi, at a temperature of 176°F/80°C.

The nozzle from which the water is sprayed is held between 4 and 6 inches from the product, at a variety of angles. Following this rigorous testing procedure, the product is deemed as having successfully achieved the rating if it completely resists water ingress.



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