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Our Mission

J.K. SALES is a Manufacturer’s Representative Firm that is committed to representing only the highest quality companies, products and services in Eastern Canada. Although we have been focused on the automotive aftermarket, we always welcome new opportunities to represent the latest in high quality consumer products.

Company Profile

J.K. Sales is a partnership of successful individuals who’s combined expertise has molded this company into what it is today. Their combined talents bring Sales & Marketing, Business Administration, Warehousing and Logistic skills together. With that we are able to provide any company, foreign or domestic, with desirable representation and territory management!

What makes J.K. Sales your first choice?

Experience, Dedication, Patience, and an Overwhelming Desire to Succeed.

For Over the past 25 years, we have refined a game plan as a sales agency that has allowed us to service our customers in a fashion that only a dedicated company man could offer in the past! We accomplished this by only representing a handful of quality companies that share our beliefs. Today we proudly represent companies such as CURT Manufacturing, Cargo Ease,  Aries Automotive, UWS,  ProRyde  and SuperSprings!

Does it work?

Over the years, J.K. SALES has been awarded with countless service awards from several of the companies that we have represented. We believe that indicates that we are doing it Right!


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